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What‘s New @ Ransburg YMCA

Senior Educational Series

American Senior Communities will present a series of educational seminars geared specifically towards senior.  Light refreshments will be served and registration is required as space is limited to 25 participants. 

Monday, July 28th – Legal Documents & Benefits – 9:30am

Monday, October 27th – Health Care Enrollment – 9:30am

CPR & First Aid Courses

American Heart Association certified instructors will train infant through adult CPR, choking prevention and basic first aid in our day long courses.   Pre-registration is required and must be completed five days prior to class date.   Ransburg also offers offsite private classes! 

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 12th
  • July 19th
  • August 9th
  • August 23rd
  • October 11th

Tag Along with Tina – Back home again in cycling

We all have our favorite classes, the ones where we know exactly what to do and what to expect and we seem to gravitate towards these classes. The classes that we are most comfortable with.  For me, this is Monday night cycling with Amy.  It may have something to do with the fact that she and I actually socialize a bit outside of class or that she has impeccable taste in music.  Whatever it is I have taken cycling for the past two years.  Now that includes a recent six month break so I knew going back wouldn’t be easy.  The beauty of cycling for me is that my feet are strapped in to the pedals.  I don’t have to worry about going left or right and I don’t have to keep my arms in rhythm with my legs.  Now, don’t get me wrong, cycling isn’t easy and your behind hurts for a few weeks, but it is as challenging as you want it to be.  Amy, like all of our instructors, helps you modify up or down depending upon your fitness level.   I have noticed a very common thread amongst the classes that I have tried….just keep moving.  If you can’t keep up just keep moving.   There were times during the jumps that I skipped a few and didn’t increase my tension as much as some of the others were.   This class teases with each other and gives Amy a hard time.  They teased her about her taste in music and even went as far as calling her a music snob.    I’m not sure what I like more about the class, the challenge it presents or the fact that the class has such a great rapport with each other.    The biggest deal about taking this class is that I actually showed up.   I had made plans to cycle with someone that wasn’t able to come.  I made a few phone calls to other people and because it was so last minute it just didn’t happen.   I tossed around the idea of just trying again next week when I could get someone to come with me but instead I put my big girl pants on and I went.  I was actually more proud of showing up then the work that I did during the class.  It was nice to be back “home” in cycling.  Maybe all of these baby steps are starting to add up!

Annual Golf Outing

Our Annual Golf Outing is scheduled for Thursday, August 21 with a noon tee time.  Want to volunteer, play or sponsor a hole?  All proceeds benefit the Ransburg YMCA Annual Campaign.  Click here to view our registration form. 

Tag Along with Tina – Naughty Nutrition

Our YMCA was chosen a couple of years ago to be a stop with the Garden on the Go year round farmer’s market.  It was an initiative to bring healthy foods into our area where the options for farmer’s markets were limited.   Enter Josh…..he has been with us day one and is super friendly and the members and guests that come each Thursday really enjoy him.   He remembers if they weren’t here the week before and even tries to bring in food that they have requested.   The resources that I have to be successful are all around me.  How many of us can say that each Thursday someone comes to them to bring healthy inexpensive food to their place of employment.  Now, ask me how many times have I shopped with them in the past two years?   The answer is somewhat embarrassing; I have shopped only a few times.  This amazing resource is at my fingertips and I haven’t taken advantage of it.  My nutrition is pretty bad.  Most mornings I make a stop for a Sierra Mist and a bag of potato chips.   Now this is an improvement because I used to stop for a Coke and a bag of potato chips.   Then I eat lunch, sometimes it’s something that I’ve packed but there are days that I go out.  I am a fan of the $5 lunch at Dairy Queen; after all I can get my peanut butter sundae with me meal!  Then I typically hit the vending machine for something salty in the afternoon and then cook dinner.   Dinner seems to be my best meal, typically cooking something with a lean meat, a veggie and maybe a starch.  I think I do better with dinner because I am cooking for my daughter.     Once she goes to bed I may or may not have a bag of popcorn or some chips and thanks to that same daughter in the past few months I may or may not have worked my way through some Girl Scout cookies.   So, today I stopped by Garden on the Go and listened to my friend Amber tell me about all of the things that she was planning on cooking with the stuff that she bought. I watched the other folks get excited that they had green tomatoes and another person talk about how cheap the bananas were.   I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone get so excited about healthy food.   So, next week I think it may be time to take advantage of this resource I have had at my fingertips for years.  Seeing as I was able to talk Josh into putting a Tag Along with Tina t-shirt on, I’m pretty sure he’ll have a few recipes for me to try out with all of my newly purchased Garden on the Go food. 

New partnership with Warren Township!

We are very excited to announce that the YMCA will now be offering Before & After care for all of Warren Township.  Click here to see additional details of this new partnership!

Food Pantry Donations

Thank you to everyone that donated to our food pantry drive benefitting God’s Bounty Food Pantry.  We donated over 385 pounds of food!  We will continue to support the pantry by choosing one item of need each month to donate.  We will collect peanut butter and jelly through the month of March. These items are rarely available to all the families that come to the food pantry.  Let’s show God’s Bounty that our Ransburg family cares about the community by donating these special items.  Drop of your donation at the front desk all month long.    Please contact Tina Wagner, Member Involvment Director, with any questions.

Healthy Recipe – July

Check out our healthy recipe of the month!  July Recipe

Join a small community!

Get connected by joining one of our small communities so you can build a relationship for a lifetime. Contact Tina Wagner at (317)554-8073 on how to get connected with one of the below groups:

  • Bible Study
  • Early AM Coffee Club
  • Indiana History Club 
  • Dining Club – coming in Feb!  

Garden on the Go

The Ransburg YMCA is excited to host Garden on the Go each Thursday at 11:00am.  They offer low-cost fruits and veggies promoting healthy eating.  Check out what they are all about at thier garden-on-the-go website.  Hope you can join us!

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