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Tag Along with Tina: It’s so weird

I was standing up at the desk the other morning and someone just walked up to me and said “I love Tag Along with Tina!” It’s so weird that people are actually following what I do. I watch people come …up to the bulletin board outside of my office and read the past blogs and chuckle or wave and it’s just so weird. A few weeks ago our Executive Director suggested that I order t-shirts to wear when I am working out so everyone can start putting a face with a name. I called our vendor and gave them a few specifics on what I wanted and today that box of t-shirts arrived. It’s so weird to see my name on a shirt. By the way, they are super cute and our Sports Director, Alice who is obsessed with pink is going to LOVE them. I post my blogs and of course I know that my friends will like the post and then I see people liking the post that I have never met, and it’s so weird. My co-workers and even a few members have asked if they can work out with me, literally tag along with me to a class and that’s so weird. I was chatting with a friend the other day and telling her how weird some of this stuff is and she said something that really made me giggle. Weird is good, normal is boring, I would totally take weird over boring any day. So, in the end I’m finding that all of this weird is a good thing…..because who likes boring anyway.

Youth Baseball Leagues

Registration is now open for our youth baseball leagues.   Our instructional co-ed and non-competetive leagues are for ages 3-9.   Practice begins on May 10th with games beginning on May 31st.   All games and practices will take place on Saturdays:

Ages 3-4 / 9-10am

Ages 5-6 / 10-11am

Ages 7-9 / 11-12pm

Contact Alice Weber, Sports Director, for additional information. 

Kid’s Night Out

Looking for something fun to do for your child ages 6 weeks to 12 year old.  Sign them up for one of our upcoming Kid’s Night Out events.   Your child will particpate in games, crafts, swimming and even have dinner.  We offer a second child discount so sign your kiddos up.  Space is limited to the first 50 children so sign up early!

April 12th – Easter Egg Hunt

April 26th – Soccer & Cheerleading Clinic

Contact Tia Comley, Youth & Family Coordinator, with any questions.

Tag Along with Tina – Girl Talk on a treadmill

A little over six years ago I started working at Ransburg. I met one of our members Mandie. One day and we started chit chatting about stuff and we clicked. It was nice to have someone so new into my job that I recognized. Sitting at the desk hearing Judy say hello to everyone and know their name was so intimidating. It was great I could ask Mandie how her day was or how her mom was; I knew details about her from our conversations. I had made a connection with a member. Now, six years later I have made those same connections with many other members and while I may not be as good as Judy with knowing every single person that walks in this door I am getting better. I still talk to Mandie, who is now married and has the most adorable twin daughters and we actually have formed quite the friendship. She even introduced me to my much better half, Chad. J So, when she asked if I wanted to work out with her it was a no brainer, of course! Mandie has worked really hard to make healthy lifestyle changes and I think she actually understands the struggle that I have trying to balance work, family and a job with this journey. It was awesome to just hop on a treadmill and chit chat, complain, giggle and event get a bit of a jog in. Probably, the fastest workout I have done so far. Although, I think she may get me back by asking her to sit in the sauna for ten minutes by taking a water fitness class. It’s nice to have someone push you out of your comfort zone and for sure putting me in a bathing suit and asking me to take a class in the water is WAY out of my comfort zone, I know Mandie will be there to help me along. It’s amazing what having someone working out with you will do.

Healthy Kids Day

Join us for Healthy Kids Day on Saturday, April 26th from 10am to noon.  A special day of fun activities meant to help build on the incredible potential inside each and every child

 This event is open to the community and is FREE. 

Tag Along with Tina: Puking wasn’t in the plan

I’d like to think that I’m a planner.   I have a clipboard on my desk with a list of items that I need to do and even have them color coded.  I have a notebook full of notes that feeds this to do list.  When it comes to work I am quite planned out.  Now, home….that’s another thing, I have a six  year old that often alters my plans.  I plan meals for the week and I make lunches for work and lay my daughter’s clothes out for the week.  I do at least one load of laundry each day and try to do all of my major cleaning on Wednesday mornings since I’m not at work until noon.  I struggle letting anyone help out in both my personal and work life. I’m a bit of a control freak.  What if I ask them to do something for me and they don’t do it the way that I would. I struggle to see that thier help is taking one thing off of my plate and while we may not go about it the same way in the end this task still has the same result; it’s done.   Ask anyone about how I plan an event, I take on way too much and hesitate to ask for help and when I do I am sure that I drive everyone nuts with my crazy “what I would do” statements.  So, I tend to do most of it myself.  I understand that I can’t control everything but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it.  But, with a six year old, things don’t always stick to my plan.  She struggles to get moving in the morning and drags out doing her homework in the evening and it frustrates me and stresses me out that I may not get what I need to get accomplished done.  So, I put off staying late to get a workout in or just skip cooking and run through a drive through.   This weekend did not go according to plan.  I was looking forward to taking my daughter to her final cheerleading class of the season and watching her get her medal. Chad and I were going shopping for the cruise we are taking in a few weeks.  I had family dinner Saturday night and was going to take a cycle class on Sunday.  Sounds like I had it all planned out!  Well, puking was not in the plan.  I spent all of Saturday night sick and stayed in bed most of Sunday.  I didn’t cook my meals for the week and I sure didn’t get to go to my cycling class.  This process is about more than just getting fit physically it’s about making changes that will make me a better person in general.  I need to be okay with not being able to do it all, I need to be okay with my daughter dragging her feet in the morning, I need to be okay with things not going according to plan. So while, puking may not have been in the plan I got to sleep all day Sunday and let someone else take care of my daughter.   And there’s always next Sunday’s cycle class right, at least that’s the plan.   


Our youth co-ed volleyball leagues meets each Saturday at 10am for seven weeks.  Learn the fundamentals of the sport and have fun.  Children ages 9-15 scrimmage each week and run drills to improve thier volleyball skills.  League meets in the adult gym.  Contact Sports Director, Alice, with any additonal questions.   

Spring Soccer Leagues

The weather is warming up!  Our Spring Soccer Leagues will begin the week of April 21st.  Our co-ed legues are broken into three seperate divisions:

Division 1 (Ages 4-5) Mondays 6-7pm

Division 2 (Ages 6-7) Mondays 7-8pm

Divison 3 (Ages 8-10) Thursdays 6-7pm

Contact our Sports Director, Alice Weber with any addtional questions.  Registration is available at the front desk or online. 

Tag Along with Tina: Excuses are so easy

I got on the AMT machine on Monday and I worked out for 45 minutes.  I cut back on my Mountain Dews and even chose to skip the fast food drive for lunch.  I know all of these little changes will add up in the end and make huge differences in my journey to become healthier, stronger and fitter.  That’s the good news.   However that may be where the good news ends for the week.  I had planned to work out after my day on Wednesday, even packed a bag so that I had what I needed to do just that.  Then, I had an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  Our Wednesday night cycle instructor was teaching her last class on Wednesday and they were going out afterwards to grab a bite to eat and thank her for all the years she had taught them.   I couldn’t say no and I could always work out on Thursday.   Well then, Thursday was really busy at work and I had tickets to the Pacers game so did I really have time to shower and change and be ready to go?  I could always work out on Friday!  Friday was rough, had an offsite meeting that lasted all day and I had plans with a friend for dinner that I hadn’t seen for months so it’s okay….I’ll just workout on Saturday.   The alarm went off on Saturday and it seemed so early and I had the opportunity to sleep a little longer.  So I hit snooze and then hit snooze again.  I could just lay in bed all day and catch up on reading or maybe do some laundry and eventually go to my family dinner that I go to every Saturday.  But, I didn’t hit snooze for the third time.  I got up and put my tennis shoes on and headed out the door.  I worked out on the elliptical and even got brave and lifted some weights.  I wasn’t looking forward to it but once I was done I felt great.  It’s so easy to make excuses and it’s so easy just to quit.  But I didn’t and I’ll keep moving forward, I’ll keep celebrating those small successes that I have and hopefully those people that know me best won’t let me quit, won’t let me fail.   Now, to make that appointment with Jessica, one of our personal trainers, that she has been bugging me about.  


Tag Along with Tina: Day one…..again

I find myself in a very familiar place, starting over. Five years ago I took on the challenge to take every single group exercise class that we offered and we named this project “Tag Along with Tina”. I set up a schedule of classes and invited members to join me and follow along in my blog with how I felt about the classes and my struggles with trying to choose a better lifestyle. I changed me eating habits drastically and worked out ten hours a week. It started out great! I noticed changes immediately but I also noticed that I was struggling to keep up with work, working out, home and myself and eventually I just stopped. I made excuses that I had meetings that popped up or that I wasn’t feeling well or that my then 2 year old had some sort of activity that I needed to attend. Thankfully, people stopped asking and I was able to get back to not working out and eating horribly. My intention was just to take a break however this break has lasted for almost five years. Now, here I am standing in front of the AMT machine getting ready to jump back in and revitalize “Tag Along with Tina” and the question comes up, Am I ready? Of course not! You’re never ready to start over; it’s so much easier just to hang out in that comfortable spot you’ve been in for so long. I could go upstairs and workout whenever I wanted and no one would know if I was successful or if I failed. However, I have learned that the easy way isn’t the best way and the things that I am most proud of I have worked very hard for. So, here I am…..starting over and sharing my story with you. This is a terrifying process and making it public is scary, failure is not an option. The upside, I have a support system of co-workers, friends, family and hopefully complete strangers that I hope will help me get through those times when I’m just not feeling it. Feel free to join me or just send along an encouraging word. You can contact me at twagner@indymca.org. I will post a weekly update on our facebook page and website. Wish me luck and hope to see you around the building!

Tina Wagner
Member Involvement Director

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