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Calling all Members! Join us for our Annual Meeting!

Click on the link to register!

Your Downtown Y’s are changing for YOU!

As our membership continues to grow, our wellness center and free weight rooms get crowded with higher demands for equipment and space.  In response to this, we are expanding our wellness areas.  In an effort to make your Y even better!  We have completed the following renovations!

At the Bike Hub:
The Pilates Reformer Program Relaunch at the Indy Bike Hub Y is now in full swing!  We will be having FREE DEMO sessions on Thursday 8/21.  If you are interested please visit the Bike Hub Front Desk!

At the Athenaeum Y:
Our new cycling room located on the second floor  is now brighter and bolder!
Our expanded free weight area is almost complete!

Continue to watch for updates on our website! 

August Local Diners Dinner Club – Union 50

Thursday, Aug 21, 6:30-8 p.m.
 There is a new hotspot in town!  For the month of August, let’s check out Union 50, the newest restaurant to move just off of Mass Ave.  They have a fantastic food selection (can someone say pomme frites!) and a great drink list as well.  Let’s go and have some fun!  

Y Member Perk

Lunch Hour Voucher
Members, don’t forget about our daily Lunch Hour Voucher! Come and work out with us M-F between 11am and 2pm and receive a voucher to be used at the City Market for 10% of your lunch with participating vendors. All you have to do is ask for it at the front desk!!

Leave a Legacy

Many of us have Y stories.  We learned to swim at the Y as kids.  We participated in a youth basketball league, or we enrolled our children in summer camp.    
Even so, many people get only a small glimpse of what the Y does.  During my 17 years working for the Y,  I’ve had a chance to see what we really accomplish as a nonprofit in Indianapolis.  We give everyone a chance to get healthier, help kids learn and graduate from school, and teach lessons about core values and leadership.  When these things happen, everyone in the community wins, including you and I.   That’s why I give something back to the YMCA out of each paycheck.  It’s important to me . . . important enough that I hope you’ll think about joining me with a donation today. 
Make a world of difference for someone right here in our community. 


242 E Market Street Suite 100
We are a YMCA with a bike twist! In partnership with the City of Indianapolis and Bicycle Garage Indy, the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is able to provide you a unique facility in the heart of downtown Indianapolis for all your fitness needs. Whether you are a bike commuter looking for a hub to store your bike during the work day, or health seekers looking for a place to jump start your journey to health and wellbeing, the Indy Bike Hub YMCA is your answer. Stop by for a visit today; come see what we have to offer.
• Wellness Center with cardio machines, strength machines, free weight machines
• Free towel service
• Spacious locker rooms
• Free WiFi
• Y member at home? Come workout for FREE 5 times, after that it’s only $5.00
• Guest Passes are $10

YMCA MISSION: to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

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