Areas of Focus


Being a force for positive change in our community means being focused. Here are the areas we’re concentrating on, one person at a time:

Youth Development

We’re old enough to know that success starts young. That’s why we’re advocates for helping children through all phases of their development. Our child care programs teach children essential social skills and values, giving them the foundations they’ll need to flourish. Youth swim lessons build confidence and save lives, while youth sports teach fundamentals and instill in children the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Leadership and college preparation programs, such as mentoring and Y Achievers, help older kids develop their talents, give back to the community, and become healthy, engaged adults.

Healthy Living

Being healthy is about more than just exercising your body. It’s about balancing physical fitness with an equally strong mind and spirit. At the Y, we offer the people, programs and facilities that let everyone pursue this balance. Whether you’re reconnecting with family members during Y Family Night, learning how to combat Type II Diabetes in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, discovering new skills in a class or sports league, or simply burning off a few pesky calories in pilates, the Y is a place where you can make yourself healthier every day—and in every respect.

Social Responsibility

We’re not only part of the Indianapolis community, we’re also a leader. And to that end, we want to be both a catalyst for healthy change, as well as a resource for those who need our assistance. We provide tools and services to help address a variety of critical social issues: Child welfare, employment, housing, education and substance abuse. As part of the worldwide YMCA network, we can bring together people like few other organizations, building awareness for different cultures and pooling resources from around the globe. And we’re a widely-respected advocate for the community, leading grassroots campaigns and influencing public policy to affect positive change.

YMCA MISSION: to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.
  • USA

    The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is part of the YMCA of the USA, which shares the same mission, values, and areas of focus.

    You can find out more by visiting the YMCA National site.